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Leadership traits

Leadership Traits: 15 Characteristics of Great Leaders

What qualities do you need to be a great leader? Do certain personality traits help people become better leaders? According to the┬átrait theory of leadership, people who posses certain leadership traits tend to be better […]

Meditation and the brain
Brain & Behavior

How Meditation Changes Your Brain

Meditation is popular practice linked to a number of health benefits. One study suggests that mind-wandering during meditation can lead to deeper thinking. ContentsMeditation and Your BrainStudy Looks At Brain Activity During Different Types of […]

Success in the workplace

The Six Traits of Successful People

What factors make some people more successful than others? Hard work and overall intelligence are obviously important pieces of the puzzle, but that’s clearly not all it takes. Psychologists, educators, and business organizations have invested […]

Map of the United States

Does Where You Live Influence Your Personality Type?

We tend to think of personality as something influenced largely by genetics and upbringing, but one survey conducted by the personality and career assessment website Truity suggest that where you live might also play a […]

Graduate degree in psychology
Psychology Education

5 Great Reasons to Earn a Graduate Degree in Psychology

If you are a psychology major, you are probably already aware that those who go on to earn a graduate degree generally find more job opportunities and higher pay. More jobs and more money sound […]