How Self-Actualized Are You?

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2023)

Do you accept yourself for who you are?

Do you have a strong need to be independent and autonomous?

Do you enjoy solitude?

Have you ever experienced a moment of complete awe and happiness that felt transcendent?

Do you tend to have deep relationships with a few close friends?

Do you appreciate the good things in life, even the mundane and everyday things?

How important is creativity and self-expression in your life?

How open are you to new things, experiences, and ideas?

Self-Actualization Test: How Self-Actualized Are You?
You are very self-actualized!
Your results indicate that you have a high level of self-actualization. Maslow actually considered this quite rare! While you have many of the characteristics of a self-actualized person, you also know that there is always something new to learn and some way to improve yourself. After all, self-actualization is truly a journey rather than a destination.
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You are somewhat self-actualized.
You possess some of the qualities of a self-actualized person, so you are off to a great start! Just remember that self-actualization is really more of a journey rather than a destination. As long as you keep growing and working toward self-fulfillment, you will find yourself becoming increasingly more actualized.

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You are not very self-actualized.
While you do not yet possess many of the characteristics of a self-actualized person, this does not mean that you are done growing. Self-actualization is a process, so it is really more about the journey than the destination. As long as you keep striving to improve yourself and learning new things, you will continue to become more self-actualized as you come closer to fulfilling your potential.

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