How to Choose Your Ideal Psychology Career

Choose your ideal career
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

Are you thinking about pursuing a psychology profession? As you begin your career planning, it is important to understand that there are many different paths you can take within psychology. By assessing your own needs, interests and talents, you will have a better idea of which specialty area might be right for you.

Start by Taking Some Career Quizzes

You probably remember taking all those “career guidance” quizzes back in junior high or high school. While some of them might seem too simplistic, they can actually be a really good way to get an idea of the kinds of things you might be looking for in a career.

There are plenty of online quizzes out there, ranging from the silly to the serious, but you might want to start by taking this quick quiz over on the Psychology site to learn more about some of the career options that might be best suited to your interests. (Note: Due to some Javascript problems, you might have to refresh the page if the quiz doesn’t show up. Sorry about that!)

Learn More About Specialty Areas

Ok, so you’ve taken some quizzes and you have a better idea about the sort of things that interest you. Now what? If you have a general idea about the sort of career you might want (such as working in mental health, research, or applied areas), the next step is to start learning more about the various specialty areas within psychology. I’ve covered a bunch of different career overviews that you can peruse including jobs in areas like forensic psychology, health psychology and clinical psychology.

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Consider Educational Requirements and Salaries

Once you have a list of potential career areas, it is time to further research the educational requirements and salaries for each option. Some entry-level jobs might require a bachelor’s degree, while more advanced-level jobs will probably require a graduate degree in psychology. While earning potential should definitely not be your only consideration, it is something that you will probably want to learn more about before you make a firm decision. Learn more about how much psychologists earn.

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