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How to Survive Psychology Graduate School

After the strenuous psychology graduate school application process, you are probably ready for a reprieve. Rather than rest on your laurels, now is the time to start preparing for the first year of your life as a psychology graduate student. The first year of psychology graduate school can be difficult, but there are steps that you can …

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How to Choose a Psychology Program

One of the most frequent inquiries I receive from readers is requests to help them choose a psychology graduate program. What program will best suit my needs? Can you suggest a great social psychology program? Should I pursue a degree in clinical psychology or school psychology? Obviously, it’s not possible to offer personalized advice for …

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School Psychologist Careers

A school psychologist is a professional who works in school settings to help children with academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and personal issues. Are you interested in a career in this growing field? Learn more about what school psychologists do, how to become a school psychologist, how much you might earn, and what the job outlook …

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