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Mental Health

Imposter Syndrome: What to Do When You Doubt Yourself

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon in which people doubt their own education, competence, skill, talents, accomplishments, and knowledge. As a.

What Is Mental Health?

Just as physical health is about more than being free of illness, mental health is about much more than the.

List of Phobias: From Common to Rare

Everyone has fears, but when these fears become so overwhelming that they interfere with normal functioning they become known as.


Cognitive Psychology

8 Effective Problem-Solving Strategies

If you need to solve a problem, there are a number of different problem-solving strategies that can help you come.

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Personality psychology quiz
Personality Quizzes

Personality Psychology Quiz

How much do you know about personality psychology? Put your knowledge to the test with this brief quiz.

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Woman thinking about her options.
Cognitive Psychology Theories

What Is the Anchoring Bias?

Anchoring Bias: Key Takeaways What Is the Anchoring Bias? Definition: The anchoring bias is a cognitive bias that causes people.

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Woman making a first impression.
Personality Theories

Implicit Personality Theory

An implicit personality theory is a theory that people form about the traits, characteristics, behaviors, and personalities of other people..

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Selective attention
Cognitive Psychology

Selective Attention: Definition, Types, and Examples

People are continuously inundated with endless amounts of information. External stimulation, internal thoughts, emotions, and other forces all compete for.

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Schedules of reinforcement
Behavioral Psychology Theories

Schedules of Reinforcement and How They Work

Schedules of reinforcement determine when rewards are delivered and can affect the learning process.

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