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Self-Actualization Test: How Self-Actualized Are You?


Do you take responsibility for your own actions?

Do you enjoy solitude?

Do you feel like you have a sense of purpose in your life?


Do you accept yourself for who you are?

Do you feel a great deal of compassion and empathy for others?

Do you ever feel deeply connected to the universe and its inhabitants?


Do you experience gratitude for the good things in your life?

Have you ever experienced a moment of complete awe and happiness that felt transcendent?

Is making the world a better place important to you?


How open are you to new things, experiences, and ideas?

Do you have a strong need to be independent and autonomous?

Do you stay true to your values even when it’s challenging?


Would you describe yourself as a realist?

Do you tend to have deep relationships with a small circle of close friends?

How important is creativity and self-expression in your life?


Are you spontaneous?

Do you have a strong sense of right and wrong?

Do you appreciate the good things in life, even the mundane and everyday things?


Are you able to bounce back from life’s challenges?

Self-Actualization Test: How Self-Actualized Are You?
You are very self-actualized!

Actualizing tendency

Your results indicate that you have a high level of self-actualization. Maslow actually considered this quite rare! While you have many of the characteristics of a self-actualized person, you also know that there is always something new to learn and some way to improve yourself. After all, self-actualization is truly a journey rather than a destination.

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You are somewhat self-actualized.

Psychological freedom means you have freedom to live according to your values

You possess some of the qualities of a self-actualized person, so you are off to a great start! Just remember that self-actualization is really more of a journey rather than a destination. As long as you keep growing and working toward self-fulfillment, you will find yourself becoming increasingly more actualized.

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You are not very self-actualized.

Ego strength boosts resilience

While you do not yet possess many of the characteristics of a self-actualized person, this does not mean that you are done growing. Self-actualization is a process, so it is really more about the journey than the destination. As long as you keep striving to improve yourself and learning new things, you will continue to become more self-actualized as you come closer to fulfilling your potential.

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