Burnout: Symptoms and Ways to Cope

Burnout is a problem that involves a loss of energy, feeling distant from goals, and a sense of cynicism about work or other tasks. This feeling often emerges when people are faced with a great deal of stress, particularly when the stress is ongoing and the individual lacks the resources to cope. Research suggests that … Read more

What Is the Anchoring Bias?

Woman thinking about her options.

Anchoring Bias: Key Takeaways The anchoring bias causes people to use the first they learn as a reference point for making future judgments and decisions. This anchoring effect is highly prevalent across a wide range of situations–and it’s also very difficult to overcome. What Is the Anchoring Bias? The anchoring bias is a type of … Read more

Implicit Personality Theory

Woman making a first impression.

An implicit personality theory is a theory that people form about the traits, characteristics, behaviors, and personalities of other people. When you meet someone new, you form an impression of them, but this first impression is based on very limited information. The impressions that you form are influenced by a variety of factors including due … Read more

What Is Conformity?


Conformity is defined as the tendency to change behavior in or to match or align with the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of other people. It is often an attempt to blend in with others in a person’s social group. It is a type of social influence that compels people to behave in ways that are … Read more

What Is Selective Attention?

Selective attention

People are continuously inundated with endless amounts of information. External stimulation, internal thoughts, emotions, and other forces all compete for our attention. In order to deal with this, people utilize selective attention to tune out things that they don’t need to focus on and concentrate on the things that are important. In this article, learn … Read more

Attachment Style Quiz: What’s Your Attachment Style?

Attachment is an emotional connection between two. Attachment is also an important part of romantic love, so our attachment styles can have an impact on our relationships. What’s your attachment style? Take this quiz to find out. For more information on attachment, read this overview of attachment styles.

Attachment Styles: Definition, Types, and Impact

Attachment styles

Attachment styles are characteristic patterns for how people relate to others in close relationships. According to attachment theory, these styles are heavily influenced by early bonds with caregivers. Researchers have identified four distinct attachment styles: secure attachment, anxious attachment, avoidant attachment, and fearful anxious attachment. In this article, learn more about the four main attachment … Read more

Schedules of Reinforcement

Schedules of reinforcement

A schedule of reinforcement is a rule that dictates how and when reinforcement is delivered during operant conditioning training. These schedules outline when to present or remove a reinforcer based on how much time has elapsed or how many responses have occurred. Each of these schedules of reinforcement produces distinct patterns of responding. The type … Read more

Psychology Theories

Psychology theories

A number of different psychology theories have emerged to explain various aspects of human thought and behavior. Some of these theories are more historical in nature and not supported by current research. In other cases, these theories still play an important role in our understanding of different aspects of psychology. In either case, learning more … Read more

What Is Operant Conditioning?

Reward charts are an example of operant conditioning.

Operant conditioning is a learning process in which the consequences of an action determine the likelihood that the behavior will occur again in the future. This type of learning by association involves the use of reinforcement or punishment to either increase or decrease the chances that a behavior will occur again.  In this article, learn … Read more