Implicit Personality Theory

Woman making a first impression.

An implicit personality theory is a theory that people form about the traits, characteristics, behaviors, and personalities of other people. When you meet someone new, you form an impression of them, but this first impression is based on very limited information. The impressions that you form are influenced by a variety of factors including due … Read more

What Is Personality Psychology?

Personality psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on understanding different aspects of human personality. The field of personality psychology seeks to understand what causes different personality traits. It also works to understand, diagnose, and treat problems with personality, which are known as personality disorders. What Is Personality? Personality is defined as the characteristic … Read more

What Is An Introvert?

An image of a woman standing alone looking off into the distance.

Introverts make up an estimated 40 percent of the population, but people with this personality type are often seen as something of a mystery. What exactly is an introvert? In order to understand the meaning of introversion, it can be helpful to look at the characteristics that introverts share. What Does Introvert Mean? Introversion is … Read more

Traits of Effective Leaders

Leadership traits

What qualities do you need to be a great leader? Do certain personality traits help people become better leaders? According to the trait theory of leadership, people who posses certain leadership traits tend to be better leaders. Do Leadership Traits Exist? People have long questioned what exactly makes some people great leaders. Early theories centered on … Read more

Traits of Successful People

Success in the workplace

What are the personality traits of successful people? Hard work and overall intelligence are obviously important pieces of the puzzle, but that’s clearly not all it takes. Psychologists, educators, and business organizations have invested a great deal in learning to identify who will succeed in certain situations or settings. In fact, many employers have placed … Read more

How Phineas Gage’s Brain Injury Changed His Personality

Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage was a young man seriously injured in a work-related accident. So what makes him so significant in psychology? His brain injury was shocking and the result impact on his personality quickly became one of the most famous case studies in psychology and neuroscience. Phineas Gage: A Closer Look On September 13, 1848, a … Read more